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Witt Hawkins–William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship

Name: Witt Hawkins

Class Year: 2018

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major(s): Global Politics

Minors or Concentrations: Mass Communications

Opportunity and Year: William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at the American University in Dubai, 2017

Project Summary: This scholarship covered tuition and room for a full semester of study at American University in Dubai (AUD). I was at AUD for 16 weeks during their Spring 2017 semester. I completed five classes at AUD: Arabic (for my W&L language requirement), Islamic Studies, and Middle East Business, History and Politics (for my Global Politics major).


How did W&L prepare you for this opportunity? Without being a part of Professor Antoine Edwards’ inaugural W&L Arabic class, I would not have had this opportunity. I would not have heard about the scholarship in the first place without the help of my former football teammate and Arabic classmate Alex Yacoubian, and my application process was assisted by Professor Rush and the W&L Center for International Education. Furthermore my success during the semester at AUD would not have been possible without the research skills and work ethic I have developed throughout my academic career at W&L.

Why did you apply for this opportunity? I applied for this opportunity because at the time W&L did not have an official Middle Eastern studies program, and I thought the scholarship would be a great opportunity to finish my language requirement and supplement my linguistic studies with Middle East cultural studies. I also had studied abroad twice before while at W&L and liked the idea of going to an international city like Dubai where I would have the rare opportunity to travel to different parts of the world not as accessible from the U.S. Lastly, my football teammate and Arabic classmate Alex Yacoubian encouraged me to go because he had a great experience at AUD two years prior.

Post-graduation Plans: Right now, I’m completing my summer internship with SunTrust Robinson Humphrey in Atlanta, GA as an Investment Banking analyst in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Portfolio Management group. I will know in a couple of weeks, at the end of my junior summer, if I will be returning full time.

How will this opportunity help you achieve your goals? My international fellowship experience in Dubai compliments my business/finance summer internship experience. Going forward, I want to work in international business, either that is on the investment side or corporate side. I view my global politics studies as fulfilling the international aspect, and my summer work experience as fulfilling the business aspect. As I progress in my career, I will be able to leverage my international experience in Dubai to my advantage, as I now have experience living outside of the U.S. and exposure to different cultures.

Extracurricular Involvement:

Football, Kappa Alpha Order, Mock Convention (Guam Delegation), RUF, FCA, RARO Volunteer Coach

Off-campus Experience:

BUS 180 (Copenhagen, Denmark; Spring 2015)

Washington and Lee London Internship Program (London, UK; Summer 2016)

American University in Dubai (Dubai, UAE; Spring 2017)

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