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Uma Sarwadnya–ORISE Fellowship

Name: Uma Sarwadnya

Class Year: 2019

Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Major(s): Neuroscience

Opportunity and Year: Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Under/graduate Research Opportunities, 2019-20

Project Summary: I will be conducting research into medical countermeasures for organophosphorus (OP) agents.

How did W&L prepare you for this opportunity? I was able to do Neuroscience research in two different labs at W&L. These experiences, paired with the rigorous coursework at W&L, provided me with a solid background in the sciences along with research skills that were relevant to the position.

Why did you apply for this opportunity? I was interested in gaining medical research experience before I entered medical school to narrow my interests.

Post-graduation Plans: I am interested in attending medical school

How will this opportunity help you achieve your goals? I am hoping this opportunity will add to my research background and I will be able to learn research techniques specific to the medical research field.


Extracurricular Involvement:

Red Cross Club
Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society
Student Association for International Learning
Wind Ensemble

Off-campus Experience:

Christian A. Endeavor Grant in Nepal

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