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Picture of Vincent Kim

Vincent Kim–Gates Cambridge

Project Summary: At Cambridge, I studied the fundamental physics behind semiconductors in order to improve the efficiency of organic solar cells and light-emitting devices. This research could lead to cheap, flexible, lightweight solar cells that would allow us to harness solar power in more convenient ways to meet the energy demands of people who live far from electric grids.

Opportunity: Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Picture of Olivia Brister

Olivia Brister–Roosevelt Institute Emerging Fellow

Project Summary: The Roosevelt Institute’s Emerging Fellowship is a year-long fellowship during the academic year where students conduct formal research and advocacy efforts on a specific topic. The topic I will be focusing my research on is the impact of pesticides, specifically neonicotinoids, on bees and other pollinators as it relates to the pollinator crisis we are experiencing globally. The ultimate goal of the research is to craft an effective policy solution to the given issue and advocate for that policy to be implemented with the help of the Roosevelt Institute’s time, resources, and guidance. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to play a role in tackling the pollinator crisis with assistance and resources available to me through the Roosevelt Institute.

Opportunity: Roosevelt Institute Emerging Fellowships

Picture of Chase Isbell

Chase Isbell–US-UK Fulbright Summer Institute

Project Summary: Brief Project Summary: I will be attending the University of Bristol from June 1 to June 30 to participate in seminars, workshops, and study visits based in the academia of social justice. The program–“Arts, Activism and Social Justice”–is designed to confront the areas of racial justice, feminism, environmentalism, anti-colonialism, and other fields of activism through the lens of artistic analysis. We will confront both the history and the contemporary usage of art of various media as a means of social and cultural change in traditional academic settings as well as through excursions and interactive workshops with artists and activists in England.

Opportunity: US-UK Fulbright Summer Institutes for US Undergraduates

Picture of Kathryn “Kalady” Osowski

Kalady Osowski–Fulbright Scholarship (Research: India)

Project Summary: Contrary to popular depictions, art theft today rarely involves dramatic museum break-ins, famous paintings, or mastermind forgers; instead, it is the looting and illicit sale of material culture from the Global South at center stage. In archeologically-rich areas like India’s Golden Triangle, looting is both quotidian and overlooked. I will use the Fulbright-Nehru Research grant to characterize small-scale looting operations in this region in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of looting cycles. Perhaps, this knowledge will allow heritage advocates, policy-makers, educators, and common citizens to reform India’s current return systems and laws.

Opportunity: Fulbright Program for U.S. Students

Picture of Samantha Yates

Samantha Yates–NCAA Post-graduate Scholarship

Project Summary: The NCAA awards up to 126 postgraduate scholarships to students to excel both athletically and academically. The scholarship is intended for students who are pursuing graduate school opportunities. The scholarship was created in 1964 to promote and encourage graduate education by rewarding the NCAA’s most accomplished student-athletes through participation in championships and/or emerging sports.

Opportunity: NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Picture of Nick St. Pierre

Nick St.Pierre–SMART Scholarship

Project Summary: SMART is a program with the U.S. Department of Defense that reaches out to college STEM students throughout the country. Its main goal is to recruit the brightest individuals to become civilian scientists/engineers for the Department of Defense. The program places you at a DoD facility to which you will perform summer internships and work post-graduation in the field of your major.


Opportunity: SMART (Science, Math and Research for Transformation) Scholarship Service Program

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