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Young Sustainable Impact Innovation Program

Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) is all about solving the greatest challenges of our generation through a global movement of youth who can create and implement the solutions for our grand challenges; from poverty to climate change to gender equality. Young Sustainable Impact is a program for young professionals around the world to solve the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

As an Earthpreneur–a person that wants to create a livelihood of helping the earth through solutions, technology or organizations–you will work on one or more sustainable development goals through creating a startup.

Successful applicants will commit to an innovation program from April 3rd until August 25th. In a group of 5, you will choose which development goals you will like to help solve by creating a startup.

The Innovation Program is on-line from April through August and culminates with 2-weeks in Norway where you will meet entrepreneurs, big businesses, investors and curious people. You will create a concept, work on the concept and pitch it front of important people. You will learn about leadership, self-development and become a strong, self-dependent team.

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