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Walter J. Jensen Fellowship

Does not really seem to be at undergraduate level.  July 2014

The Walter J. Jensen Fellowship is awarded for at least six months of study in France. The purpose of the award is to help educators and researchers improve education in standard French language, literature and culture and in the study of standard French in the United States. The fellowship is awarded annually and has a stipend of at least $10,000. Phi Beta Kappa will also cover a single round-trip, economy-class ticket for the recipient to travel to France; some additional support may be available to those with dependents.

Candidates must be U.S. citizens under the age of 40 who can demonstrate their career does or will involve active use of the French language. They must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution with a 3.0 minimum GPA in French language and literature as a major. They must demonstrate superior competence in French, according to the standards established by the American Association of Teachers of French. The recipient must report to Phi Beta Kappa every two months in both English and French. At the end of the fellowship, the Fellow must submit a summary report in English and French, which may be submitted (preferably in French) to a scholarly publication such as The French Review. Preference may be given to members of Phi Beta Kappa and educators at the secondary school level or higher.

The fellowship is intended primarily to help educators and researchers improveeducation in standard French language, literature, and culture and in the studyof standard French in the United States. “Standard French” is defined to excludea focus on Creole, Quebecois, and other dialects. Applicants may not be nativespeakers of French.
• Though applicants need not be members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society,preference may be given to members and to educators teaching at the secondarylevel or above.
• The amount of the Fellowship, $10,000, is intended to help cover living expensesassociated with six (continual) months of study in France. One-time, round-triptravel costs of the recipient may be covered as a separate expense and advancedin full by the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The recipient of the Jensen Fellowshiptakes responsibility for providing any other necessary supplementary income orsavings to cover costs associated with the completion of study abroad for the six-month period of the Fellowship. Some additional support from the endowmentis available for those who can demonstrate one or more legal dependents.
• The Fellow will submit reports every two months, in both English and French,describing progress made learning about the French language, literature, andculture. The course of study may be independent research or part of anaccredited academic program. The Fellowship will conclude with thesubmission of a final report suitable for scholarly publication in a venue (such asThe French Review, published by the American Association for Teachers ofFrench). Phi Beta Kappa reserves the right to consider the report for excerpt orpublication in The Key Reporter as well.

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