Fellowships and Opportunities


Roosevelt Institute Emerging Fellowships

The Emerging Fellowship is a year-long, individual, part-time remote opportunity, in which students dig deeper into formal research and advocacy efforts in their selected topic, coming at the end of the program with a written research product and a campaign plan. As a cohort, they receive support from national staff in the form of required readings and discussions, trainings, and individualized guidance on their work, as well as regular check ins. They also have their written work revised by a formal Review Committee, made of Roosevelt Institute staff members, fellows, and network alumni. The Fellowship is one of our advanced policy and research opportunities, aimed at students who have already been through at least one of our programs, and received our core trainings – either through national webinars or their local chapters.

Fellows can choose the type of written work they wish to produce from a list of possible types of research pieces, including: a white paper, an issue or policy brief/memo, a report, an essay, and similar pieces. They are also expected to produce a campaign plan on which they will act while still in the Fellowship, which will involve power mapping and doing outreach to local organizations and individuals working on their topic.

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