Fellowships and Opportunities


Phillips Exeter Academy Internships

Each year, Phillips Exeter Academy invites six to eight recent college graduates to join its faculty as teaching or administrative interns. The purpose of the Internship Program is to encourage talented young men and women to work in the secondary school environment as teachers or administrators and to help prepare them for such a career.  For these positions at least a bachelor’s degree is required in the specific, advertised field or a related field.

Interns spend one school year at Exeter and receive experience in all aspects of boarding school life. Assignments are arranged after discussion between the intern and the department chair/supervisor, with the interests and experience of the intern in mind.  In the fall term, teaching interns generally work with mentors with whom they share classes, but do not teach any classes on their own.  For the winter and spring terms, teaching interns are assigned their own classes, usually two per term.  In addition, they are required to visit classes in their discipline on a regular basis.  Throughout the year teaching interns learn how to lead Harkness discussions, and all interns participate in residential work, in the physical education program and in extracurricular activities congenial to their own skills. Interns are considered full time employees, are paid a salary and get all medical and health benefits.



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