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Overseas Press Club of Amercia Foundation Awards

The Overseas Press Club of America is the nation’s oldest and largest association of journalists engaged in international news.

Graduate and undergraduate students studying at American colleges and universities who aspire to become foreign correspondents are invited to apply for one of 16 scholarships/fellowships to be awarded by the Overseas Press Club Foundation. American students studying abroad are also eligible to apply.

Since four of the 16 awards are reserved for international business or economic coverage, the Foundation invites applications from students who show a strong understanding of, or interest in, global economic issues such as trade, finance, emerging markets, immigration or environmental impacts. Health issues are also increasingly important.   Two awards are oriented toward television coverage, and judges have in the past granted awards to photographers/videographers who have also demonstrated strong writing skills.

From among those chosen, the Foundation selects up to 12 scholars and pays travel and living expenses for them to spend time in the foreign bureaus of such leading news organization as the Associated Press, Reuters, GroundTruth Project, Wall Street Journal and Forbes and at foreign English-language media companies such as the South China Morning Post.  Students win either a $2,000 grant (which they may use for any purpose) or funding for their overseas assignment.

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