Fellowships and Opportunities


MEXT Scholarship for Research (in Japan)

The MEXT (Monbukagakusho)  Research Scholarship is intended for graduate or post-graduate students to complete a master’s or doctoral degree at a Japanese institution. It provides for airfare to Japan, tuition for the university, and a stipend for cost of living. It should be related to their undergraduate field of study and should be a program which they can pursue at a Japanese university. The scholarship is open to students pursuing any major and is typically for a period of two years or the length of time to complete the degree program, including a six-month term of intensive Japanese language training (if needed. Knowledge of Japanese is not required, hence the training period. Students with a strong functional command of Japanese can opt out of this training.)

The typical dates of the award are April to March (24 months).  The application is submitted to the appropriate Embassy (or Consulate) of Japan depending upon the student’s state of residence. The deadlines will vary then.

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