Fellowships and Opportunities


Lionel Pearson Fellowship

The Lionel Pearson Fellowship seeks to contribute to the training of American and Canadian classicists by providing for a period of study at an English or Scottish university. The competition is open to outstanding students majoring in Greek, Latin, Classics, or closely related fields at any American or Canadian college or university.

Fellows must undertake a course of study that broadens and develops their knowledge of Greek and Latin literature in the original languages; candidates should therefore have a strong background in the classical languages. They should expect to obtain the B.A. by the September following the application deadline, in order to begin an academic year of postgraduate work at that time. Normally, the recipient will hold the Fellowship in the academic year immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. The term of the Fellowship is one year. The recipient may use the Fellowship for part of a longer program of study, but under no circumstances will support from the Fellowship extend beyond one year. Fellows are responsible for seeking and obtaining admission to the English or Scottish university where they intend to study.


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