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Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) Fellowship

Through a unique two-year immersion program crafted over 90 years, the Institute of Current World Affairs has transformed the lives and careers of emerging writers, academics, attorneys and diplomats, as well as experts from the fields of finance, policy and social activism. A prestigious ICWA fellowship provides recipients with the rare gift of time and freedom to explore a region, research a topic and expand their ideas at a formative time in their lives. ICWA fellowship recipients then join a growing community of distinguished professionals who make vital contributions to their fields.

ICWA fellows are handpicked from a highly competitive applicant pool, with a diverse set of interests. They share the traits of intense curiosity, a passion for knowledge and openness to new perspectives. The intensive immersion experience of an ICWA fellowship, free from deadlines and career pressures, enables fellows to cultivate their talent and engage with their subject—and themselves—in ways that have a profound impact.While in the field, fellows receive support and mentoring from ICWA staff, former fellows and ICWA members with expertise in fellowship areas. ICWA fellows share their evolving insights and activities through monthly newsletters. Fellows return to the United States after two years ready to impart the lessons their fellowships have inspired.

The application begins with a letter of interest in which applicants briefly describe what they would do if they had a Fellowship, and why they’re the right person to carry it out. If that resonates, they are invited to submit a full application. The letter is due June 1.

NOTE: These fellowships are not appropriate for currently enrolled undergraduate students, but are an opportunity for young professionals after graduation.

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