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FAO Schwarz Fellowship in Social Impact

The FAO Schwarz Fellowship is an intensive, transformative two-year experience in the world of social impact that includes focused professional development. Our Fellows are highly motivated, passionate recent college graduates who are committed to social justice. In these two-year paid assignments, Fellows work at leading nonprofit organizations in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia.

Fellows deepen their knowledge and understanding of relevant social issues, work directly with host communities, and lead strategic projects that strengthen the host organization’s capacity and impact. Fellows attend two four-day leadership retreats each year to learn about the social impact sector, develop critical skills, and build relationships with–and learn from–current and alumni Fellows. In addition to a supervisor, each Fellow has two mentors who offer support and guidance over the course of the Fellowship.

Fellows have proven academic excellence, demonstrated leadership in their college communities and are eager to immerse themselves in a two-year experience that will challenge them, train them and empower them with the skills and network they need to take a first step towards leadership in world of social impact.

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