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DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (SCGF) Program

The DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship program (SCGF) has supported outstanding graduate students pursuing graduate training in basic research in areas of physics, biology (non-medical), chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computational and computer sciences, and environmental sciences relevant to the Office of Science mission areas to encourage the development of the next generation of scientific and technical talent in the U.S.

Fellows were competitively selected based on academic merit and alignment of their graduate research to one of the six Research Program Offices within the DOE Office of Science. The Fellowship award provides partial tuition support, an annual stipend for living expenses, and a research allowance for full-time graduate study and thesis/dissertation research at a U.S. academic institution for up to three years. Additionally, Fellows are required to attend an Annual Research Meeting held every summer at a different DOE national laboratory. This Meeting offers Fellows opportunities to present their research, learn more about the research supported by the Office of Science and the scientific user facilities, and participate in seminars focused on professional development for careers in the sciences.

Seniors applying to related graduate programs are eligible provided they meet the remaining eligibility requirements.

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