Fellowships and Opportunities


Congressional Hunger Center Fellowships

The Congressional Hunger Center is invested in developing a movement of anti-hunger leaders who are creating the political will necessary to end hunger.  The CHC offers two fellowship programs:

The Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program is a year long social justice program that trains, inspires, and sustains leaders. Fellows gain field experience fighting hunger and poverty through placements in community based organizations across the country, and policy experience through placements in Washington, D.C.

Participants gather in Washington, D.C. in August for training and then are placed for five months with community based organizations all over the US.  In mid-February, the Fellows regroup in Washington, D.C. to debrief and share their field experiences and participate in an extensive policy training to learn about national anti-hunger and anti-poverty policy work.  Fellows then work in nonprofit organizations and government agencies working on hunger and poverty policies at the national level.

The Leland International Hunger Fellows Program trains emerging leaders in the fight to end hunger worldwide. It is a unique two-year program that combines field and policy work.  Most Leland Fellows hold advanced degrees and have spent at least one year working or volunteering in a developing country.

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