Fellowships and Opportunities


Allen Lee Hughes Fellowship and Internship Program

Named for the Tony Award-nominated lighting designer, the Allen Lee Hughes Fellowship & Internship Program offers personalized training opportunities with Arena’s ensemble of resident artists, technicians and administrators.  The goal of the program is to cultivate the next generation of theater professionals by providing the highest standard of training through immersion in the art and business of producing theater. Arena Stage provides in-depth, hands-on experience with seasoned professionals.

Fellows and interns work in the areas of artistic and technical production, arts administration, and arts education and community outreach. Training is supplemented with discussions and workshops with directors, designers, and senior staff who provide insight into the overall management of the theater.

Fellowships are designed for recent graduates (undergraduate or graduate) and career changers interested in pursuing a career in the professional theater and are only available for full-time, full-season commitments of 38 to 44 weeks.  Summer internships are appropriate for college students, graduate students, recent graduates, or career changers, are available during the summer, and require an 8- to 12-week commitment.



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