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Schedule a individual Fellowship appointment!

Please schedule an appointment for the second half of the Winter Term–or Spring if you are on campus–to speak with
Dean Campbell about Fellowship opportunities.
Deadlines (scholarships can have internal deadlines well before the national one) can be far earlier than you think!
For example:
1. Fulbright applications (for an academic or research grant, or English Teaching Assistantship for the year after graduation) are generally due late August as you are starting your senior year.
2. If you are planning on working for the government [public policy, government office/branch, etc.] or in the public sector (broadly defined and can include NGOs, teaching, etc.) and want to fund graduate school, the TRUMAN Fellowships is only open to juniors.
3.  If you have some financial need (no matter how small), and plan to go to graduate school in the arts, humanities, or social sciences, the BEINECKE Fellowship is only open to juniors.
4. Deadlines for many of the Fellowships for after graduation can be early Fall of your senior year.  Strong applications normally require much work and thought, multiple drafts, etc. You need to start these months in advance of the deadline.
5. If you are early in your W&L career, but thinking about such possibilities as the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates Cambridge Fellowships, etc., start planning early, to make sure you are building your profile.

The simplest way to to schedule an appointment with Dean Campbell is to email Ms. Virginia Garrett (vgarrett@wlu.edu) for an appointment, including your available hours in the email to her.

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