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Tara Loughery–ORISE Graduate Research Fellowship

Name: Tara Loughery

Class Year: 2018

Hometown: Roanoke, VA

Major(s): Neuroscience and Sociology

Opportunity and Year: Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Under/graduate Research Opportunities, 2018-19

Project Summary: I will be working in a neuroscience lab at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense to study the effects of chemical warfare agents on neural tissue and find the most effective treatments for those exposed to warfare agents.

How did W&L prepare you for this opportunity? The opportunity to conduct neuroscience research firsthand at W&L prepared me well for this opportunity. The skills I learned through my lab work and coursework made me a highly qualified applicant for the position.

Why did you apply for this opportunity? I wanted to expand my research experience in the field of neuroscience before pursuing PhD programs and this fellowship provided a good opportunity to do this.

Post-graduation Plans: I will likely work under this fellowship for 1-2 years after graduation and then apply to PhD programs in neuroscience or neurobiology.

How will this opportunity help you achieve your goals? I will gain valuable and diverse experience through working in this lab that will make me a more qualified applicant to graduate programs.

Extracurricular Involvement:

President of Tri Beta Biological Honor Society, 2017-18;
Head Chair of Relay for Life, 2017-18;
Project Horizon Hotline Volunteer

Off-campus Experience:

Semester abroad in St. Andrews;
Summer 4-week course in Germany

Research Experience:

2 summers and 3 academic years in a plant genetics lab (Professor Winder);
1 summer  and 2 years in a neuroscience lab (Dr. Watson)

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