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Picture of Conley Hurst

Conley Hurst–NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Project Summary: This fall (2017), I will travel to England to pursue an MSt in US History at Kellogg College, Oxford. In particular, I hope to study the American Civil War and 19th-century American society and politics. For my dissertation, I will examine regional variations in British public opinion regarding the American Civil War with a particular eye toward British views on American slavery and the Confederacy.

Opportunity: NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Picture of Witt Hawkins

Witt Hawkins–William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship

Project Summary: This scholarship covered tuition and room for a full semester of study at American University in Dubai (AUD). I was at AUD for 16 weeks during their Spring 2017 semester. I completed five classes at AUD: Arabic (for my W&L language requirement), Islamic Studies, and Middle East Business, History and Politics (for my Global Politics major).


Opportunity: William Jefferson Clinton Scholarship at the American University in Dubai

Picture of John Dannehl

John Dannehl — Fulbright Grant (Spain)

Project Summary: I will be teaching English and other subjects as needed to primary and secondary school students (ages 6-12) at the Colegio San Purísima Concepción y Santa Ma Micaela in Logroño, Spain. In addition, I will be hosting group discussions or seminars of current events around the world with faculty  and students from the local high school to facilitate civil discourse between Spaniards and Americans.

Opportunity: Fulbright Program for U.S. Students

Picture of Harleigh Bean

Harleigh Bean – Public Policy and International Affairs Summer Program

Project Summary: The Junior Summer Institute offered by the Public Policy and International Affairs Program (PPIA) attracts undergraduate students interested and involved in international affairs and public policy, molding them into future global leaders through an intensive seven-week summer experience. The program constructs a curriculum and complementary extracurricular program intended to build vital skills necessary for admission into the nation’s top graduate programs. This curriculum includes coursework in economics, statistics, domestic policy, international policy, and leadership topics. The program maintains a consortium of more than 40 graduate institutions offering degrees in public policy and international affairs. Due to the Graduate School Consortium, PPIA fellows receive benefits such as a minimum one-time scholarship of $5,000 at any PPIA graduate school once admitted, exposure to prestigious and well respected graduate institutions, and fee waivers when applying to schools that are members of the consortium.

Opportunity: Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship Program

Picture of Joy Putney

Joy Putney – National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Project Summary: I am investigating motor encoding strategies in a nearly complete motor program for hawk moth flight. Hawk moths are capable of robust and complicated flight maneuvers that are controlled by comparatively few muscles. Additionally, there is a one-to-one relationship between their muscle activations and motor neuron firing, which enables me to record a spike-resolved motor program. I am currently investigating whether the number of muscle activations or the precise timing of those activations within a wing stroke is more important for force and torque production during flight. Understanding how the nervous system controls movement with a limited number of actuators can help us understand fundamental principles of motor control.

Opportunity: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Picture of James Biemiller

James Biemiller – National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Project Summary: For my graduate research at the University of Texas I use a variety of numerical and geophysical techniques to estimate stresses and deformation rates on active faults in the Earth, to model the structural evolution of tectonic plate boundary systems, and to tie together seismic-cycle and long-term tectonic timescales of both permanent and elastic deformation related to fault movement. My proposed project focuses on the Mai’iu Fault in Southeastern Papua New Guinea, using GPS monitoring and numerical modeling to determine whether this active low-angle normal fault is accumulating elastic strain to be released in a future earthquake or if it is creeping aseismically.

Opportunity: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Picture of Colin Wallace

Colin Wallace – Rotary District 7570 Skelton/Jones Scholarship

Project Summary: The Skelton-Jones Scholarship will allow me to pursue a Master’s degree in Development Studies at the University of Sydney. The program highlights challenges in achieving sustainable economic development on a local, national and global scale. I will spend 18 months specializing in topics related to international relations, the political economy, human rights, peace and conflict studies and public health both in an academic setting and participating in a research project at a community based-organization in Sydney.

Opportunity: Rotary Foundation Local Scholarships and Grants

Picture of Anna Paden Carson

Anna Paden Carson – Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Colombia

Project Summary: As an English Teaching Assistant, I am responsible for teaching various levels of English to University students at a public university in Tunja, Colombia. Between teaching, tutoring, and running English speaking and writing clubs, I spend around 35 hours a week with students studying to become English teachers within Colombia. For classes, I’m charged with creating impactful lesson plans on subjects varying from differences between the United States and Colombian cultures to regular past simple verbs. Outside of classes, I exchange and connect with students, professors, and locals alike to aid in the process of cross-cultural understanding.

Opportunity: Fulbright Program for U.S. Students

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