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Johnson Opportunity Grant

The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and will provide funds to cover travel, living expenses, and other costs associated with the proposed project or summer activity.

Students need to find, describe and justify a worthwhile summer (or spring option) project. It might be an unpaid internship on Capitol Hill or a State Department internship in a foreign capital. It might involve participation in a national or international student conference. It could include research travel that will help you become a leader in your chosen field of study. Or it might be a service project that will demonstrate your commitment to community leadership. The possibilities are broad and the criteria for evaluation of applications will include both your academic accomplishments at Washington and Lee and the potential for leadership development that your project makes possible. Because this is a new program, we have prepared some information about possible opportunities that you can examine in the Career Services Office or in the Office of the Associate Provost.

In the first year, a committee of faculty and administrators evaluated and ranked the applications. In the future, past recipients of Johnson Opportunity Grants may be asked to participate in recruiting and evaluating new grant proposals.

Grants will vary in amount depending on proposed budgets and the reasonably predicted costs associated with travel, living expenses and other necessary expenditures. No grant will be smaller than $1000 or larger than $4,500. Grants will not normally be given for projects that take place in Lexington or for programs of study that involve traditional classroom instruction and regular summer school academic credit. Applications for summer will be accepted from both rising juniors and rising seniors.

Students may apply even if they have not yet heard about a pending internship or an application to participate in a conference. In such cases, awards may be contingent upon the forthcoming decisions of individuals and organizations involved in the project proposal.

All recipients of Johnson Opportunity Grants will be obligated to write a reflection on what they achieved in their summer project, what advice they have for future applicants and how their experience will impact their ability to provide leadership in their careers and communities. Public presentations about summer experiences may also be required.

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