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Fellowship advising at Washington and Lee University falls under the responsibilities of the Associate Dean of the College, Gwyn E. Campbell. She is assisted by the members of the Graduate Fellowships Committee and by designated faculty representatives for some of the major fellowships.

The Associate Dean and the faculty representatives work closely with students on all phases of the application process. This includes helping them to evaluate their goals and identify appropriate opportunities. We also assist students through numerous revisions of their personal statements, proofread application materials, provide guidance on choosing people to write letters of recommendation, and answer questions with regards to specific fellowships. Copies of successful applications are available for students to look at when they reach the point in their own application process that it would be useful. In addition, we help students prepare for interviews by setting up mock interviews with Career Development and with members of the Graduate Fellowships Committee.

In addition to working directly with students, the faculty representatives are also willing to advise faculty on letters of recommendations and to read drafts of letters. For fellowships that require institutional nomination, the faculty representatives prepare the letters of endorsement.

The Associate Dean maintains a Sakai site with detailed information on such topics as writing personal statements, writing research proposals, finding project sponsors, and preparing for an interview. Students with access to this site also receive emails about upcoming deadlines, workshops, and events. Please contact Gwyn E. Campbell if you wish to be added to this site.

The designated faculty representatives for some of the major fellowships during the 2017-18 academic year are as follows:

Fulbright:  Dr. Jonathan Eastwood (Sociology & Anthropology)
DAAD:  Dr. Debra Prager (German)
Goldwater, Churchill:  Dr. Jeffrey Rahl (Geology)
NCAA:  Dr. Ellen Mayock (Romance Languages)
 Udall:  Dr. Rebecca Harris (Politics)
UK Fellowships (Rhodes, Gates Cambridge, Marshall, Mitchell):  Dr. Robert Strong (Politics)
 Others (including Truman, Luce, Schwarzman): Dr. Gwyn E. Campbell

The appropriate contact for a given opportunity is listed on its entry in the Student Opportunities website. The Associate Dean of the College serves as contact for all opportunities without a designated contact.

The 2017-18 Graduate Fellowships Committee is as follows:

Ex Officio Members:
• Dr. Gwyn E. Campbell, Associate Dean of The College
• Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Nine Appointed Faculty Members
• Dr. Richard Bidlack
• Dr. Melissa Kerin
• Dr. Jonathan Eastwood
• Dr. Antoine Edwards
• Dr. Dan Mazilu
• Dr. Elliott King
• Dr. Jeffrey Rahl
• Dr. Sandy Reiter
• Dr. Antonio Reyes

Students applying for fellowships that require institutional nomination are required to submit a Fellowship Applicant Form.

The listings on this site are provided for information only.  Washington and Lee University has not vetted every listing and does not necessarily endorse any of the opportunities listed here.

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